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Complete the form below as completely as possible. When are you going to sign agreement with the house rules and conditions applicable to this site.

Fill in your name, initials and surname. For example, you can launch explain what you breed and what colors. The requested password you can login later.

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If you have a Dutch KLN breeder number, we would like to know your KLN breeder number. If you do not have a KLN membership and number and you want us to arrange a this, you can indicate it below. The breeders' application does not go through the us but via the association Kleurmuis. When you choose this, the data will also be passed to the association Kleurmuis.

After signing up, you will receive information regarding your membership and the amount of contribution due. The first time you have to transfer the contribution to us. Login from the Netherlands is required to give us permission for direct debit. The contribution of Dutch members is automatically recorded as early as the year of association. For foreign members we can not conduct direct debit. Foreign members must always transfer the due contribution.

Bank details: ING Bank IBAN: NL10 INGB 0003645100 (BIC: INGBNL2A), Nederlandse Muizenfokkers Club, Meteren.

After signing up, you are a direct member and can login to the site. If within 2 weeks after you have not transferred any information about the due contribution, your application will be deleted. In case of abuse, we will be blocking your IP address.

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K.L.N. breeder registration
A breeder card is a membership number of the Association Kleindier Liefhebbers Nederland, abbreviated KLN. This breeder card you need if you want to show on an evenet which is falling under the K.L.N. The K.L.N. is the head association and N.K.V. a special club which is falling under the K.L.N. The K.L.N. organize the judge and standard. Members of N.K.V. are not required to have this breeding card.

Must we arrange a K.L.N. breeding registration number?:No
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